But You Can Call Me 10 Gunz

As I’ve mentioned before, I lead a women’s shooting chapter. It’s part of The Well Armed Woman and GA Firing Line is our host range. Last night was our 4th meeting and I’m having loads of fun leading these women. We have about 40 members in my chapter and nationwide, there are about 3,000 members in just 10 months and growing.

Women are the fastest growing group of gun owners and I think that is fantastic. We need to be able to protect ourselves and our loved ones. Many women, though, even those who want to carry, have trouble finding carry methods which fit their lifestyle.

Last night, our topic was all about holsters. There are a myriad of different carry methods for women. It IS possible to carry without buying a whole new wardrobe or being relegated to purse carry. I’m not knocking purse carry (much) and I do occasionally purse carry but I see it as a last resort. And by all means, if you refuse to carry any other way, then I am all about purse carry for you. Carrying in a purse is far better than not carrying at all. And I would prefer you carry.

While preparing for this month’s meeting, I wanted to make it informative but fun also. I had a nice sample of holsters from The Well Armed Woman for them to have a look-see but I wanted to do something more than just a simple display.

So, I went about securing as many guns as I possibly could onto my body. I had to dress a big baggy, since I was determined that the more guns I had on, the more fun it would be. I fit 10 guns on me. I probably could’ve gotten a few more on but for various reasons (my husband being off on a guys shooting weekend and not having all of our pistols here, not having appropriate holsters for borrowing rental guns from the range to place on me in free spaces, etc), the total ended up at ten.

I had the women take guesses on how many and the highest first guess before I began the big reveal was 8. I felt like it was a really fun, informative and interactive meeting and the feedback that I received was all very positive. I’ve got a great group of women and I’m proud to lead them into the world of shooting for both self-defense and fun.

I recorded the whole reveal portion and have put the videos on YouTube. Normally, I’m not big on being in front of the camera but I had so much fun with this and was looking forward to it so much that I felt it might be a good idea to capture it.

Upon my return home last night and revealing on Facebook how many I had been able to conceal, my nephew decided that my rapper alias should be 10 Gunz. For all that white girl rapping that I do! It seems that others are following suit and I’m being addressed as 10 Gunz now. I think it’s pretty funny. At least it makes for a good story. And who messes with a girl who has 10 guns on her?



The Zombie Apocalypse Is Upon Us

I hate the zombie craze. I think it’s absolutely stupid. Not entertaining in the least. The Walking Dead? Just kill me now. Please. And I mean in the dead way. Not the undead way. I mean it. I can’t think of anything more moronic than the zombie craze except for maybe the tween twerp vampire craze.

So. Now you know how I feel about zombies, right? I trust I need extrapolate no further.

But, I have to face the truth. Zombies are real. Maybe that’s my problem. I see them everywhere, on a daily basis. They prefer to identify themselves as liberals but they’re not even able to see what they truly are. Zombies.

They respond to stimuli with no thought or awareness or mental presence whatsoever. If they had any cogency, they’d be able to approach the state of our country and economy and society with a grain of logic and rationale.

You know why they go around chanting, “Braaaaaaiiiiinnnnns?” BECAUSE THEY HAVEN’T ANY OF THEIR OWN!

Don’t give the zombies your brains. They will not make good use of them. They will destroy your frontal lobe and give it back to you and give you your brand new Official Zombie Party Membership Card.

It’s an epidemic. I don’t even need to give examples of where to look. It’s ALL around you.

So, as much as I hate this Zombie Apocalypse crap, I have come to a point of acceptance. It’s real. And it sucks. I miss my country. I miss common sense.

Although it pains me, I have a Zombie Apocalypse to prepare for. If you’re still in possession of a frontal lobe, I encourage you to join me. We have a lot of zombies to fight.