You might ask just what kind of blog is this – is it a food blog? A gun blog? The answer is yes. I already have a blog dedicated to the memory of my dad at http://www.inmemoryofdaddy.com and when I considered beginning another one, I couldn’t decide if I wanted to create a food blog or a gun blog or just a general conservative blog. I knew I really didn’t have time for all three, so I did what I often do in the kitchen. Mix some stuff together and see how it turns out. I have a pretty good record of success, so why not?

I began cooking at a young age. My mom had a demanding job and my dad was not one to cook, so we ate dinner out most nights. Now, don’t get the idea that my mom wasn’t a good cook. On the contrary, she was a great cook, which is probably why I got tired of eating out so much. I wanted to eat at home more often so I began culling through our cookbooks at home for interesting things, giving my mom lists of grocery items, and teaching myself how to cook. The first thing I perfected was chicken parmesan. It was my favorite dish and I’m sure my parents got quite tired of it, but they ate it anyway. It’s still one of my favorites, but I have branched out a lot since then. I also equally love to bake. One of the catalysts of this blog is to have a place for my recipes. I am HORRIBLE about journaling my steps when playing in the kitchen and I often post pictures on Facebook of my meals but when friends want to know how to make it, my response it to give them a list of the stuff I threw together and tell them, “good luck.” It’s not that I want to keep it a secret, it’s that I really have no idea what quantities of what I added. The ultimate result being that nothing ever comes out the same twice. What can I say, I like living on the edge. But, sometimes, I’d like to be able to truly recreate something. In order to do that, I need to write it down. Hopefully this blog will help.

My interest in guns began out of a desire to always be self-reliant and able to protect myself and also a bit out of necessity. My dad got his firearm dealer’s license when I was a teenager and when I turned 18, I was able to help him on that end of his business. I wasn’t allowed to have a job during high school that wasn’t in the family business, so in order to buy and sell guns, I needed to know a little about them. And I had been familiar with them prior to that. I always knew where dad kept his revolver at home in case I ever needed it and I was always taught the principles of respect and safety for all firearms at all times.

Interest in both areas rooted in me early in life and have since grown. Just as I have expanded past my tried and true chicken parmesan, I have also expanded beyond my dad’s 38 revolver. I’m a pretty good cook and a pretty good shot.

I also adhere to pretty conservative principles. I’m a moderate in some areas but mostly conservative. And I’m a staunch opposer of political correctness, so you are not likely to find any of that here.

I hope you enjoy.

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