Throwing Kittens Into the Mouths of Coyotes

I am very angry today. Actually, let’s just call it what it is. I’m pissed.

Rep. Sam Moore, who is sitting in a seat in the GA House of Representatives after winning a special election recently, has just introduced a heinous bill under the guise of “liberty” after less than a week on the job. It’s HB 1033 and if you’d like to read the entire bill yourself, you may do so by clicking here.

In short, HB 1033 is summarized on the House site as:

A BILL to be entitled an Act to amend Article 2 of Chapter 11 of Title 16 of the Official Code of Georgia Annotated, relating to offenses against public order, so as to repeal the offense of loitering; to provide that no local governing authority shall adopt an ordinance prohibiting loitering; to provide that under no circumstances shall a citizen be required to identify himself or herself to a law enforcement officer; to amend Chapter 1 of Title 42 of the Official Code of Georgia Annotated, relating to general provisions relative to penal institutions, so as to repeal certain prohibitions against sexual offenders loitering in certain locations; to repeal conflicting laws; and for other purposes. 

What this means, folks, is that it welcomes child molesters on school property. On daycare center property. On playgrounds. And the police would be prohibited from identifying a sexual predator on such property.

Do you have children? I don’t but I still find this bill an egregious affront to the responsibility that we have to our children as a society. Some disagree with me on this, arguing that it’s a pro-liberty bill and that it’s an effort to roll back the powers of the police in many areas. Bullshit.

Let me repeat that. BULL-SHIT!

Rep. Scot Turner spoke at the well on this bill today and put it quite simply that, “This is not what the fight for liberty looks like.” I am pleased to see that no one signed onto this bill with Moore. What concerns me is that many of my fellow conservatives are not entirely outraged over this bill. Did they not read it? Do they not understand it? Or, do they just not care?

Does liberty mean throwing our children into the laps of sexual predators? Because that’s exactly what this bill does.

My favorite argument for this bill is that not all sexual offenders are sexual predators, so they shouldn’t have to be subjected to the same fates as true sexual predators. And exactly how does this bill solve that problem? I agree that some hormone-driven 18-year-old who has consensual sex with his 15-year-old girlfriend who said she was 16 shouldn’t necessarily be relegated to a lifetime of the consequences brought about by being on the sexual offender registry but I have two comments for that: 1) Choices have consequences and at times, they can be much larger than you thought so it behooves you to think about your choices before you make them and 2) a better solution which wouldn’t put innocent children at unnecessary risk would be to work to change the factors which determine who is added to the sex offender registry and to work toward more appropriate sentences for sexual predators, considering their recidivism rate and the fact that sex crimes are very different from other crimes.

It seems Sam Moore’s idea of liberty is throwing kittens into the mouths of coyotes. He describes himself as a “redneck from Cherokee County.” What a terrible insult to the fine rednecks of Cherokee County, GA. I certainly hope that he doesn’t have, nor does he ever have, children. I truly hope that he has no understanding of the psychology of sexual criminals. Then, at least he’s just horribly irresponsible. If he does have such an understanding, then he is a vile excuse for a human being.

I would suggest that if Sam Moore is so terribly concerned with the fight for liberty and justice, then he needs a new approach. And my suggestion to the folks of Cherokee County, GA is to kick his ass out of office this year. Regardless of whether this bill is a product of irresponsibility or depravity, he’s reckless and dangerous and is a terrible pustule on the butt of the Republican Party.